Tune in to the Team Coaching Zone Podcast today and take your team coaching to the next level! Join industry-leading voices for the latest perspectives on the emerging field of team coaching. In Season 3 we will be exploring "Regenerating Organizations Through Team Coaching" through both livestreams with panels of team coaching experts as well as through pre-recorded 1-to-1 interviews.

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Season 3 Podcasting Team

Melissa J. Sayer

Melissa Sayer is a Leadership Team Coach, a Scholar-Practitioner and a host of "Season 3 - Regenerating Organizations Through Team Coaching." Melissa was nominated by Trinity Business School to an adjunct professor role, she teaches on their MBA and executive education programs.

Dr. Krister Lowe

Dr. Krister Lowe is the creator of the Team Coaching Zone Podcast and host of "Season 1 - Exploring the Art & Science of Team Coaching." Dr. Lowe is a Social-Organizational Psychologist, Team Coach and Podcaster.

Carissa Bub

Carissa Bub is a Transformational Leadership Coach, Change Facilitator and Managing Director at Bubworks and host of "Season 2 - From Team Coach to Change Maker." Her coaching practice is built on 20 years guiding leaders from the boardroom to the factory floor to transform how they lead, communicate and catalyze meaningful change.